Midas Oil and Gas Ltd also provides world class support services to the Oil and Gas industry..

Midas Oil and Gas Ltd also provides world class support services to the Oil and Gas industry.
We are a provider of production facilities, process systems and technology to oil companies and field operation companies. We have further gained the reputation for world class professionalism in procurement, distribution and supply of materials, equipment and products.
The primary focus for Midas Oil and Gas is supplying materials and equipment to the oil industry. We source our materials and products from around the world and pride ourselves in providing only the best for our customers.

These services mainly concentrate on the upstream oil and gas sector.

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In addition to the standard range of products, we are continuously developing new ones, and adapting the existing ones to meet our clients’ needs and interests.
Our main advantage is that we deal directly with our manufacturers cutting out all middlemen. Hence, we are able to be better competitive in price. This in effect, always keeps us abreast with new and innovative technology and systems emerging in the industry.

Currently, we provide one of the very best after sales services for our products and services in the country. Our customer service team is always seeking feedback from our customers and we consider their opinions with paramount interest. Thus, building on it. Our objective is to provide a 100% quality service to all our customers at every stage of each transaction.

The company is now synonymous with ‘efficiency’, ‘honesty’ and ‘reliability’ and ‘competitiveness’. Our service delivery is prompt and our track record has been perfected over the years.

Midas Oil and Gas Ltd has recently been licensed as an Liquified Petroleum Gas Marketing Company in Ghana. We have a number of LPG retail outlets under our sponsorship. We also have a number of Bulk Consumers to which we regularly supply to. However, we are always on the look out for interested individual retail outlets and bulk consumers to join our ever growing network in Ghana.

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Midas Oil and Gas provides support services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Our catalogue is comprised below.

  • Oilfield Safety Supplies: Health and Safety products and materials, Fire Protection Equipment and Hazadrous Area Supplies.
  • Drilling: Offshore Oilfield drilling rigs, Onshore land drilling rigs and Oilfield drilling equipment.
  • Pipes, Pumps and Valves: Pipe Fittings and Flanges, Valves, Hoses and Fluid Handling Pumps, Drill Pipes and parts and accessories.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Supply: Welding and Cutting Equipment, Lifting Equipment and cranes, Engines, Heavy Equipment and Machinery and Generators and Transformers and Welding and Cutting Equipment.
  • Instrumentation Equipment: Laboratory Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Flow Instrumentation and Marine and Subsea Equipment.
  • Supply Vessels: Fast crew supply vessels, Utility vessels, General purpose supply vessels , Utility vessels and Towing and anchor –handling supply vessels. Our vessels are supplied through our partners who own and operate a fleet of support vessels . In collaboration with them we are able to meet the specific needs of all our clients.
  • Off Shore and On shore Catering Services